VPN Privacy Services FAQ

General Questions.


1. What is a virtual private network (VPN)?

2. Why is a VPN useful to me?

3. Why don't ISP's, Government Agencies or Workplaces ban VPN's?

4. How do I cancel my subscription?


Technical Questions


1. I can't connect to the VPN server, What should I try first?

2. I get disconnected every few minutes?


What is a virtual private network (VPN)?


A virtual private network allows internet users to create a private network using the internet. It sends an encrypted secure tunnel through the internet from your computer anywhere in the world back to the VPN host server. Many companies use VPN's to create links between there office sites worldwide to transmit files and data, privately and securely. They also use VPN's for staff who travel so they can access there work data while in a foreign country as if they where sitting back in the base office.


Why is a VPN useful to me?


The original intention of VPN's was to allow companies to use the infrastructure of the internet as part of there internal networks or intranet's, to allow secure private communications between users in there network wherever they were in the world using any internet connection. That very same reason also has the benefit of allowing individuals to use the internet completely securely and anonymously without any ISP's, Government Agencies or Companies being able to view what the user is doing. This means the that if the internet connection where you live or plan to visit restricts what you can and can't do i.e. view certain sites or use Skype etc then a VPN will unlock those restrictions completely. Countries such as United Arab Emirates (Dubai, Abu Dhabi), China, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, North Korea, Thailand, Qatar (Doha), Iran, Kuwait, Jordan, Bahrain, Syria, Oman, plus many more all restrict what sites you can and can't visit and many also ban Skype or VOIP applications because they want to force people to use there phone services often at very high prices. The filtering network providers use can also cause many websites not to load or display properly.


Why don't ISP's, Government Agencies or Workplaces ban VPN's?


Your ISP or network provider can see there is an encrypted stream of data flowing through there networks via a VPN but they can't see what is in it. They could ban these streams of secure data from VPN's but they would be reluctant to because 1000's of companies all over then world use them for there day to day business purposes so by banning them effectively means companies will not be able to communicate and transmit data securely between offices and users over there networks.


How do I cancel my subscription?


Simply log into your Paypal account and cancel subscription. You can also send us an email with your username and the email address that's on your account and ask us to cancel your subscription


I can't connect to the VPN server, What should I try first?


If you can't connect to the server for the first time after following the 'Set Up Guide' then here is a list of the most common problems that occur during set up:

1. Make sure you follow the set up instructions exactly sent to you in the set up guide.

2. Don't copy and paste the account details from the welcome email when logging in, type them in and please note that usernames and passwords are case sensitive.

3. Reboot your computer and restart your modem/router.

4. Please ensure your firewall is not blocking the VPN program from accessing the internet


I get disconnected every few minutes. What to do?


This could happen but it is not very common. Please check your firewall settings on router and computer. Disable the firewall and test again. If you are on a wireless network, try using a cable and see if you still have an issue. Most connection issues are usually due to a poor or unstable wireless connection.


VPN Privacy FAQ