December 2016

Unblock Gmail in China

How to open Gmail in China?

Every day, we are looking for something in Google. Even a new synonym of the word “to search” appeared – “to google”. And what do we see in China? Google is blocked!!! And not only…

How to Unblock Google in China

How to enter the blocked Google in China?

Today, China attracts millions of people from around the world. It is an amazing and unusual country with its customs and traditions. The millennial history and ultramodern life makes China rich and truly fantastic country….

How to Unblock Facebook in China

How to use Facebook in China?

One of the big problems of travelers when they visit China is restriction imposed by the government on usage of the Internet – “the great Chinese firewall”. In particular, such popular social networks as Facebook,…

How to unblock Instagram ib China

How to Unblock Instagram in China?

It’s not the secret that China blocked all the familiar online services like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Google services … and even hundreds of thousands of other resources that do not meet the conditions about…