How to Bypass Barracuda Web Filter

How to bypass Barracuda web filter

Barracuda is a web filter software that blocks websites to protect your PC from different threats and dangers. This software was invented by Barracuda Networks in 2002 and is mainly used by schools to block the materials that may contain spying software and spam. It is also able to prevent access to the certain sites. There is a great variety of proxy websites you can visit so that to get past Barracuda. But at the same time, they change their address as soon Barracuda finds out about them.

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For many modern people, this software represents a great problem. Most Internet users want to bypass this limitation. Part of them managed to do it by means of proxy websites. However, it may help only for the short term. In most cases, these sites are revealed and blocked very quickly, which makes the Internet users feel disappointed and powerless. VPN (Virtual Private Network) will not be very helpful in this situation. If you want to try this solution, you must learn how it functions and how VPN can unlock the limited websites and escape online filtering. It is extremely important to learn more about this kind of filters.

The Barracuda web filter was invented by Barracuda Networks, US online security firm that was created in 2003 by Dean Drako, Michael Perone and Zach Levow. The first product of cooperation (Barracuda Spam and Virus Firewall) was follows by a few other programs, such as email archivers, backup programs, Internet filters, etc.

Nowadays, you can find a few different Barracuda web filter models on the Internet. They are intended to protect Internet users by means of blocking certain Internet contents. This software is consider highly efficient as anti-spyware protection for many companies. Barracuda web filters are successfully used in various organizations to prevent access to the certain sites (especially those with the sexual content). The filter blocks such sites according to their URL pattern or type of their content.

However, if you use a secure VPN, it will be easy for you to bypass Barracuda web filter. Using it, you’ll be able to constantly visit all the limited sites anytime and anywhere. VPN runs on different devices (for example, PC, iPhone, Mac and Android). Part of these programs is free, but we advise you to get a paid VPN, as it will ensure their high quality, as well as the good client service.
VPN technology connects two virtual private networks to a public network. Each VPN tunnel encodes all the traffic and conceals your real IP address and GPS location, so that you can visit all the websites without anybody knowing about it. As soon as you register your VPN account, the VPN server will give you a new IP address. You may even get the new IP address any time you connect to the Internet. The use of VPN also allows you to unlock the websites that are restricted in your country.

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Thus, VPN can help you easily bypass Barracuda web filter.