Censorship of pornography in China

Censorship of porn in China

The Communist Party banned the pornography in China, so we can’t say that China historically is intolerant of sex. The traditional well-known Taoist sexual practices were under the state ban for a long time. This happens because of too erotic content book, “Jin Ping Mei”, dating from the beginning of the XVII century.

Pornography in China: complete ban

Sex in the East, in principle, has not been banned historically. The Communist Party in 1949 enforced taboo on relevant content in China .It operates now, the owner of one of the Chinese porn site was even sentenced to life imprisonment . Although typically officials just give fine for distribution of porn. But it is quite easy to buy, for example, DVD with “adult movies” on the markets of large cities, such as Shanghai or Beijing. In 1999 the book “Shanghai baby” was published. It tells about the sexual adventures of a young Chinese bisexual. Chinese government banned the book was officially, copies were even publicly burned. But the researcher James Farrer argued that the book nevertheless was quite popular . He wrote a paper about prevalence of sexual “stories” in China. As well as general culture of verbal transmission of tales about sexual adventures in the environment of young Chinese. So the prohibition exists officially . But no one ordinary Chinese has opposition to this kind of content, especially urban residents, who can get the corresponding video easier than the rural population. Of course, the Cultural Revolution has left its mark on the people of China. But with the spread of the Internet (although semi-closed) and electronic carriers of information. The dissemination of appropriate content is also inevitable.

How to unlock adult content in China

So you need to admit that the Chinese censorship and propaganda work well and restricts pornography in China. Yes, there are ways to circumvent the barriers. However recently firewall become tougher, and many ways to access the free Internet do not work anymore. But even closed Internet changes China. Censorship also affects only the political aspects, abuse of people in this area are not included These things are really not adjusted. As for the political aspect, the same feminists use controlled social platforms (Wechat, Weibo) to disseminate information about its movement within certain limits. As these platforms are extremely popular. Extensive discussions are in applications that allow you to encrypt the messages, for example, in Surespot. As soon as one application becomes popular and the authorities begin to track or prohibit it, the discourse moves to some new social platform. In addition, VPN has not been canceled. Internet, despite the censorship, in any case makes it easy to have access to the new information, thereby enhancing the level of creation of the masses and their awareness of what is happening around.

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