How to listen to Pandora outside US

listen pandora outside us abroad

Pandora is a personalized Internet radio that plays music you will enjoy for free. Find out how to listen to Pandora outside US.

The problem is you cannot listen to Pandora abroad. Because it is available in the USA only. It is regrettable that only users from USA can listen to Pandora free.


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Above all, you can listen to Pandora radio outside the US – no matter what is your current location. So, below are the ways which you can use no matter wherever you are and listen to Pandora outside the US.

Use USA VPN Service.

VPN or Virtual Private Network is a technique used to add security and privacy. If you are travelling abroad, you can still enjoy VPN for Pandora. With VPN services, you can connect to the US server and access  Pandora as well as other sites like Netflix – anywhere on the earth.

This guide is meant for iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac OS  and iPad users.

Here are some more VPN Services that works  best for running Pandora or other music streaming services from outside US:


If you try using Pandora outside USA you get the error message:
Pandora isn’t available where you are

Follow these steps to remove this error:

Firstly download and install the Pandora App from the App Store if you haven’t already. Or just open

Now configure your device to use a VPN which will give this app the impression that you are located in the US. Here’s a tutorial how to setup VPN for different devices

Now switch ON the VPN connection, launch Pandora and create a new station based on your favorite Artist, Song or Composer. After that you can listen to Pandora outside US.

Now we have an endless music stream now thanks to VPN service. This is a cheap and reliable VPN services and serves our purpose just perfectly. This guide should work for most other apps which stream music or video but restrict their content to the US.

We can recommend you well tested USA VPN Serivce

Order VPNPlease note that the music stream once started will continue to play in the background even if you disconnect from the VPN. So if you are on a slower network you could disconnect from the VPN to avoid hiccups while listening to Pandora radio channels. However, if you skip tracks or change channel you will receive the error. Connect to the VPN once again and you will be fine.

What we love most about Pandora is it’s ability to keep playing in the background so that we can continue working with other apps or playing games while we are listening to Radio Pandora outside US.