How to Unblock Instagram in China?

How to Unblock Instagram in China

It’s not the secret that China blocked all the familiar online services like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Google services … and even hundreds of thousands of other resources that do not meet the conditions about information security according to the Chinese laws. Is there any solution to unblock Instagram in China?

It happened due to the fact that one day in 2014 thousands of people went into the streets of Hong Kong in protest against the refusal of the authorities to hold democratic elections in 2017. And police dispersed the demonstrators with tear gas. So the Chinese authorities decided to block social networking not “to foul their own nest “.

During these protest actions Instagram became very popular mean of communication of protesters who talked to each other and to outside world. As a result, it was just cut out from China. According to some reports, it works sometimes, as nothing has happened, though it happens very seldom, several days in the month.

Unblock Instagram in China

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September 26, 2014 about 80 thousands of people went into the streets of Hong Kong. They defended the right to elect local authorities on their own. Beijing agreed to make concessions, and promised Hong Kong to provide this possibility in 2017. However, it set the condition that residents of Hong Kong can vote only for the candidates,  approved by the electors from China. In Hong Kong, people didn’t accept such conditions requiring full democratization of the voting.

During the protests, police arrested more than 70 people between the ages of 16 to 58. The total number of victims was not specified.

Generally, China has a strict system of Internet censorship, which called “Golden Shield”. The development begun in 1998, and the project launched in 2003. Information passes through filters for compliance with censorship requirements. Web pages checked with key words and “black list” of sites. Chinese media forbid to refer to foreign sources of information without special permission.

On the territory of China an access to all foreign social networks and services limited. But the Chinese have local analogues, controlled by certain authorities. Thus, the microblogging service Sina Weibo – Twitter and Facebook hybrid, holds every transmitted message for moderation. China limit Access to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia and Youtube. However, there are ways to circumvent the ban – for example, by using VPN.

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