How to Unblock YouTube Videos at Work

How to Unblock YouTube

There are different situations in life, when it is necessary to change the IP address to unblock YouTube. Let’s denote one of them. There is Internet monitoring at work: blocking of access to social networks and other “unnecessary” sites such as YouTube for the effective operation of the company employees. Let’s analyze the opportunities that Internet gives us today to solve these problems.

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How to change the IP-address to Unblock Youtube?

There are several methods how to start the spy games in the Internet and replace your real IP-address:

1. The use of a proxy server. The advantage of this method is that it is not necessary to install any additional software, all settings are made directly in the browser.

In the network there are so many sites, which contain lists of other IP-addresses which help you to connect to the Internet. On many of them information is updated daily.
But, unfortunately, the actual address of the work on your computer will not always work. You can lose a lot of time before you find one that is suitable. But after a trip again have to spend time searching.

2. The use of anonymizer. These are special services (buffers) that allow you to be anonymous on sites. They work very simply: go to the site-anonymizer and enter in a special window the page address to which you want to get access at the moment. You are given a false passport. That’s all! The forwarding happens.

The main advantage is the simplicity of use. However, it happens only for simple surfing. Not for YouTube access or Facebook.
The disadvantage may be that it will be difficult to understand where really (on what site) you are now. So a complex combination of the symbols will be displayed in the address line.

3. Use of the VPN. This method is simply irreplaceable, if you often use the change of IP-address. The change is very quick and easy, and you can switch to multiple countries, spending not more than 3 seconds.

How to configure VPN-connection?

What to do in the 1st time?

-Register of website that this service provides;
-Get VPN account on e-mail;
-Set a special connection application.
All these operations take less than 3 minutes.
What do you need to do for changes of IP-address?
-activate an access by entering password at the entrance;
-use and enjoy life.

What is the result?

-You have a list of possible connections through servers in different countries around the world. There is a choice of several dozens of IP- addresses;
– Accurate information is displayed in address line;
– Real speed of connection;
– Secure exchange of files and messaging (without the possibility to calculate the fact of the connection);
-Full support for all desktop operating systems, mobile devices (iOS & Android) and routers, the entire Internet world is opened in front of you.

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