How to use Facebook in China 2024

How to Unblock Facebook in China

One of the big problems of travelers when they visit China is restriction imposed by the government on usage of the Internet – “The great Chinese firewall”. In particular, such popular social networks as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are blocked by governmental firewall. The same thing  with a variety of news sites. If you want to continue to share impressions of the trip with family and friends, use these recommendations to unblock the restrictions. Continue using your favorite sites. It is possible to unblock Facebook in China and avoid Chinese censorship?

How to Unblock Facebook in China?

Despite the firewall is very tough and powerful, you can still circumvent it. How can those people living or working in China,  access to Facebook (unblock Facebook in China)? Nobody will like your Beijing photos, you will not know who of your friends got married and who  gave birth to the child and, in general, what is happening at home. And Facebook – is not only one blocked service in China!

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Which services except Facebook are also blocked in China?

Here is just small approximate list:

– YouTube
– Twitter
– All Google, including Gmail, Google Maps and Google Drive
– Instagram
– Netflix
– Dropbox
– Flickr
– The newspaper The New York Times
– The Wall Street Journal

How to overcome the Great Chinese Firewall and unblock Facebook?

The easiest way to circumvent the Great Chinese Firewall – is to hide the websites to which you connect from Chinese servers that you use. This means encryption of all Internet traffic till the data leaves your computer.
The easiest way to encrypt the data stream is to run them through the VPN-applications (computer, smartphone or tablet). VPN (Virtual Private Network) – is an encrypted connection to remote server, which allows you to go to the Internet without firewall restrictions. VPN works on all your traffic, including Skype and other messengers. Usage of the VPN-services is not free, but many of them offer a monthly payment, rather than an annual subscription, which can be quite comfortable for travelers.
Some of the largest VPN servers today blocked by the Chinese government, but there are sites which regularly update the list of VPN-services that work normally.

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In a nutshell, if you are looking for a VPN with good performance, easy installation and servers in many countries, then look for reviews on sites about trusted VPN services that we can recommend.
If you are in China right now, you can have problems with connection to sites with VPN-services, because the Great Chinese firewall tries to block their main site (with some success), but try it right now and you will find out. If you have not come to China, it is better to install the application on your computer and phone right now not to have problems with the Internet when you come.