Unblock Facebook at Work

Unblock Facebook at Work

In recent years, social networks are becoming more popular and take in their ranks an increasing number of participants. Social networking attracts with its availability, wide range and efficiency. Social networks are literally “consuming” the users. That’s why there are various jokes on this topic in Internet. A man can’t live alone. And social networks help to find friends with whom you can talk and spend a time. Not having time to wake up, we rush to the computer to see whether a new message is appeared. We are going to tell you how to unblock Facebook when it is blocked for you.

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And how can we know about the news and chat with friends, if you are at work? Some employees without a gap of conscience spend all working day in social networks. This situation not satisfies the employer. They forbid their employees to visit the web pages of social networking. The director can order: “Login to Facebook closed!” And system administrators of the company must block the entrance to Facebook and other social networks.

In the morning you come to work, turn on the computer, but … the entrance to Facebook is closed. What to do? How to unblock Facebook Where to find a loophole and go to your favorite social network?

How to Unblock Facebook in Office?

If your employers have closed access, and you do not know what to do at work, if you have lost the meaning of your presence in the workplace – do not despair, everything is not lost. There is a way to circumvent the ban by using VPN service.

A radical way to get access to any web resources without any restrictions – is to configure a VPN (Virtual private network). As a rule, VPN encrypts all traffic and redirects it through a chain of servers, which ensures a very high level of anonymity.

In most cases the VPN – is a paid service, but there are also simplified services which are free of charge with minimum functionality, limited connection time and aggressive ads and so on.

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Order VPNService does not always require the registration and account creation. Moreover, if you intend to use the PPTP, SSTP and L2TP protocols, you do not even need to install some additional software. In settings of the network connections of operating system (supports Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android and iOS) you need to select a new connection and add parameters that are listed on the site. It takes only one minute of you time. But in some ISPs block VPN-protocol PPTP, and in this case you will have to use L2TP or SSTP, that allows you to bypass this limitation and standard TCP or UDP protocols.