How to use Whatsapp in China 2024

Unblock Whatsapp in China
China is famous for its Internet censorship. And last days one more service was blocked in the country. Internet users from China report about numerous problems with WhatsApp. And today we are trying to find a solution how to unblock and use WhatsApp in China.


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“Hello all, I used Whatsapp app without any issue in China, keeping in touch with my relatives and friends on it without any bad behaviors , just simple chat. Since yesterday evening, I noticed I cannot update my status or any settings anymore on it. I was thinking is because of a slow internet connection but then I noticed I cannot even send or receiving any message on it ! It was like a empty tool , same as facebook here. I tried access Whatsapp website, but it say connection was reset … or unable to reach the server, same as facebook page also. I tried reinstall Whatsapp, but didn’t worked anymore , after reinstall , it can’t reach my phone number to receiving the verification message from Whatsapp. I tried use it on other device, but is the same issue, is death ! I tried reinstall it on other devise, but is same issue, impossible to connecting to receiving the verification message of the phone number . I asked the internet administrator if this is general issue and he told me he can’t also access whatsapp webpage and sent me a picture screenshot to comfirming. We tried to access it from China Mobile internet , but is the same issue, cannot. I read that in Brazil Whatsapp was down for 72 hours and I am wonder if this is the same issue in China or it will never ever work again.. Could you use Whatsapp ? More replies will help to see if is general issue. Thanks in advance !”
Youtube, Facebook, Google, Twitter and others services were already blocked in China. So how to unblock WhatsApp if you cannot use it now? After several test we found that the only working and reliable solution to unblock WhatsApp in China is using a VPN.

VPN for WhatsApp in China

VPN is a virtual private network – special safe encrypted tunnel that maskes your real IP address making you completely safe and anonymous in the Internet. With VPN you can bypass Chinese Internet censorship and unblock WhatsApp in China. VPN also helps to unblock any restricted website and makes you absolutely anonymous and safe.

You can use VPN on any device like computer, tablet or mobile phone. Good news that you do not need to install any additional application to use VPN. This is really important because recently China bans many VPN applications from Google Play and AppStore.
You can setup VPN directly on Android or iOS device.

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When you have connected to VPN you can use Whatsapp in China and call your friends and family via Whatsapp !