VPN Privacy Service

VPN Privacy Service brings you safe and secure browsing without any local Internet restrictions.

Main Features

Anonymous VPN Service

US, Canadian, EU, Asia IPs

Unlimited Bandwidth

No Speed Limits

Reasonable Price

VPN Helps

Unblock Sites

Hide and Change real IP address

Unblock Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Facetime

Stay Safe in Public Wi-Fi

Protect Personal Data

Surf Anonymously

Server Locations


 Singapore (Asia)

 Canada (Montreal)

Europe (Luxembourg)

Prices as Low as $3.5/Week

VPN Privacy Work with

Windows (All Versions)


Mac OS, iOS


Wi-Fi Routers

VPN Privacy Offers





We accept

and others


VPN Service offers you anonymous web surfing but this does not mean that you can ignore network laws


Such illegal actions as spam, hack, scan, etc. are strictly prohibited by our VPN Service.


However, using our VPN Service you can review adult sites and download music or movies from p2p newtworks and bypass any restrictions to view any site.


You can say this is not allowed in many countries too, but where is an edge between legal and illegal?


We would not discuss the moral principles here.


In case you are not sure if VPN Service lets you do this or that - you would better talk to VPN Privacy support.