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Only our service supports unique SSL VPN for mac OS.

1. Download Shimo VPN client here

2. To accept third party apps in mac please do the next:

Open Terminal app from the Applications -> Utilities folder and then enter the following command:

sudo spctl --master-disable

Press Enter, input your Administrator password on request.

3. Go to System Preferences, choose Security & Privacy
You will now see the Anywhere option under Allow apps downloaded from: Click in the left down corner to unlock this option and then tick Anywhere.

4. Go to Downloads, click Shimo.dmg, choose Install Manually, drag it to Application Click Shimo[TNT].dmg

5. In the appears window drag Shimo to Application. Click on installed Shimo app. You will see the notification "Shimo is an application download from internet. Are you sure you want to open it". Accept it. Launch Shimo app.

6. Click on the little Shimo icon to open Shimo Preferences

Setup PPTP VPN in macOS

7. Open the Accounts tab and click on '+' to create a new Cisco SSL (AnyConnect) account

Setup SSL VPN in macOS

8. Enter your Remote Host (Server address), Username and Password from the letter with your VPN account data.

Setup SSL VPN in macOS

9. You can easily connect your mac over the menu bar of macOS. You only have to click on the Account you just added. For example "University XY"

Setup SSL VPN in macOS

10. The first time you connect, Shimo will ask you to select a Groupname
Groupname: AnyConnect

Setup SSL VPN in macOS

How to Setup SSL VPN in macOS