How to enter the blocked Google in China?

How to Unblock Google in China

Today, China attracts millions of people from around the world. It is an amazing and unusual country with its customs and traditions. The millennial history and ultramodern life makes China rich and truly fantastic country. Study, work, business or tourism – regardless of your reason for visiting it, there are some things you need to know about China! Many sites are blocked including Google in China.
And because modern life is unimaginable without the Internet, you just have to be aware of what is happening in China with access to a global network.

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Great Chinese Firewall Blocks Google in China

But such things happen:
Since 1998, China has an organization which is called GreatFire – great Chinese firewall or The Golden Shield Project, which is designed to protect the Chinese people from the hostile outside world.
It started its active activity in the Internet in 2003. In fact, this organization is aimed to filter and restrict access to certain sites for people across the country.

The basis of this blocking system was the statement of one of the Chinese leaders:
If you open the window to let a little bit of fresh air, you should be prepared for the fact that flies and mosquitoes will fly inside too. It was time of economic rise of China, when the economy of country was completely open to foreign investors. However, despite the economic freedom, political values ​​of the Chinese Communist Party had to be protected from “flying flies”.

How to Use Google in China

It seemed what’s the matter? Internet censorship exists in many countries. But the great Chinese firewall is really the most powerful Internet filter.
Thousands of websites are blocked: news, mail, social networks, video sites, blogs, adult sites, and many others.
Just imagine Facebook, Youtube, Google are blocked!
Almost every person who comes to China from other countries, who wants to chat with friends, receive mail and watch videos on Youtube, is looking for a way to bypass the blocking of websites.

You need to change your IP address, real or virtual to go to the blocked site.
For real change of IP you need to leave China, but we will not consider this case, because we need to bypass the blocking of websites being in China.

So, all that we need – is to change virtually your IP address.
And it is not difficult to do with the VPN service.
VPN or private network allows you to hide (disguise, change) your real IP address. We will not go into the technical details of a VPN channel device, you can always read more about it, if you need it.

We as users should be able to use it in order to open safely and anonymously the banned websites in China.

Unblock Google in China step by step

1. We get the data to create a VPN (you can get it for free and to test the service to make sure that it works for you)
2. We create a VPN connection on your device. (Detailed instructions for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows). The best part is that you do not need to install any additional programs, extensions or applications. All that you need – is to make the necessary settings on your device to create safe VPN tunnel.
3. Connect to VPN in one click
4. Open any websites, which earlier were not available for you in China, including Google, Facebook, YouTube and others.

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