How to Hide your IP Address when torrenting?

How to hide ip torrenting

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P2P file sharing users are becoming increasingly concerned about exposing their IP publicly.

There are many torrent clients that allow to download files from other computers connected to file sharing server.
Due to anti piracy laws and tracking mechanisms many users would like to hide their real IP addresses.

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More concerning is the ability of film studios for example to plant tracking technology embedded right into the torrent tracker.
This allows them to issue copyright infringement notices through ISPs.

Whenever you sharing a torrent file your IP address is added to a torrent swarm.
That means that anybody who is sharing the same file can see your real IP address.
Your Internet provider and copyright trolls can track your download activity.

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Eventually, they will send you a copyright infringement notice to your email.
Such cases are especially common in USA, Australia, Canada, UK, Sweden, Germany, Spain and France. And this list is constantly expanding.
However you can hide your IP address when torrenting if you use VPN.

We are not encouraging piracy, merely noting that your IP can be tracked and possibly used against you when you share or download torrents.
The idea behind this article is to hide your real IP with the IP associated with a VPN server.

For testing purposes we used European VPN server from VPN Privacy service.
Most of the time we had a good speed up to 70 mbps (depends on the number of peers as you understand) and a stable connection.

VPN Privacy Service supports SSTP VPN protocol for all major operating system. Using this VPN type can hide even the fact that you are using VPN.
The Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP) is a mechanism to encapsulate Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) traffic over an HTTPS protocol.
This VPN protocol enables users to access a private network by using HTTPS. Using SSTP VPN allow you to bypass most firewalls and web proxies.

We strongly recommend that you sign up with one of the reputable, fast VPN providers below to avoid frustration. Plans are typically $10/month or less.

Recommended VPN services for anonymous torrenting:

VPN Privacy
Torrent VPN

All of these services support:

– Simple download & install
– No records of usage stored
– 256-bit AES encryption
– Unlimited download speeds, 1Gbit servers
– VPN includes SSL, OpenVPN and PPTP
– Servers in Canada, Europe and Asia

Setting up VPN connection to hide your real IP when torrenting is not as difficult as you think.
If you want to stay anonymous when downloading torrents, just follow these steps:

Sign up with a VPN provider with fast VPN servers if you have not done so already.
Download and install the VPN app on the device you are torrenting on. VPN applications are available on PC, Mac, iOS, Linux, and Android.
Go to and note down your IP address.
Connect to a VPN server via the VPN app. Go back to and refresh the page. Make sure that your IP address has changed.
If you see a new IP address, it is that of the VPN server you are connected to.
You have successfully hidden your IP address. You can now download torrents anonymously!

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