How to open Gmail in China?

How to Unblock Gmail

Every day, we are looking for something in Google. Even a new synonym of the word “to search” appeared – “to google”. And what do we see in China? Google is blocked!!! And not only search but also Gmail, Google maps, and other incredibly useful tools for Internet giant. Of course, in China there are also search engines and email services, but what to do people who came to China from other countries? It turns out people who visit this fantastic country can’t even check their email if they use the service Gmail. What do the Chinese think? How Internet users unblock Gmail in China?

Post service Gmail Google virtually inaccessible in mainland China. According to the Internet giant, it became the last step in the repression of their services from the country.
Google has already reported about the drop of traffic in China at the end of Christmas, and by noon December 26, 2014, this figure dropped to zero, according to edition “Time”.

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Analytical firm Dyn Research has already announced that blocking of Gmail occurs at the IP level in China. In this case, Google held the necessary manipulations, and said:

“We checked and there was no damage from our side.”

Now it is possible to check mailbox only through virtual private network or VPN. You can have an access only through the mail protocols IMAP, and POP3, which allow Gmail to access Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mail applications and thus they give the opportunity to users to use mail.

At the same time, official representative Hua Chunying told reporters on Monday that she has no information about blocking of Gmail.
– China has always been friendly and helpful to foreign investors which were engaged in a legitimate business here. We always provide an open, transparent and favorable environment for foreign companies in China, – she said.
We want to recall that the Chinese authorities had previously blocked access to many Google services – including Google Drive and Google Hangouts.

How to Use Gmail in China

The only way to unblock Gmail and others sites in China is to use virtual private network (VPN) – a paid service that directs reliably a connection to a server outside China and receives an access from there to the Internet.

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Order VPNWe have to note that Gmail in China – is not the first Google’s service, which was blocked in China. Similar blocking of services of this company took place in China in June, 2014.

The company undertook such actions in 2010, referring to hacker attacks. It had to be refused from the redirection at the end of June in 2014 due to the expiration of the license for provision of Internet services in China. Then, the authorities made it possible to understand that the license will be pulled up if the redirection doesn’t stop.