How to Unblock IMO in UAE and Oman [June 2024 Update]

how to unblock imo in uae oman

IMO is a cool messenger which runs on Android and iOS.

This app allows you to perform video calls and send SMS from your mobiles, tablets, etc.

Even though IMO is widely exploited in the United Arab Emirates and Oman, it was restricted. WhatsApp, Skype, Viber also stay suppressed the United Arab Emirates.

It is very important to know how you can unblock IMO in UAE (Dubai) and Oman. There are several ways to do it without getting noticed by the TRA. Reportedly, some Wi-Fi providers are still supporting IMO voice calls in UAE, which makes it necessary to observe all the Internet providers in UAE that make it easier to use the IMO voice calls in UAE.

BEST service to unblock IMO in UAE and Oman


3 Easy Steps to Unblock IMO in UAE and Oman

1. Install the app for anonymous connection on your device (iPhone, Android, macOS, Windows)
2. Hide your IP address with invisible and 100% secure Sahrzad Service.
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3. Connect and use IMO voice and video calls without any problems.

Best services for IMO calling in the UAE and Oman:

  1. Sahrzad: Our top choice for unblocking IMO. A speedy, privacy-conscious service with no-logs policy, and a wide range of advanced security features.
  2.  Aeroshield: The best budget service for IMO calling in the UAE and Oman. With no connection limit, decent speeds, and a major focus on security, Aeroshield makes it easy to use IMO safely.
  3. Relaska: Fast and reliable, with top-notch security and privacy protections.

How can IMO be unblocked in UAE?

IMO is prohibited in UAE and Oman, but permitted in almost all the other countries.
For example, in Europe or US you can use this without limitation.
There can be a possibility to go to the other country “online” to escape UAE constraints?
You may think it’s something unimaginable.
However, it can be achieved by means of the latest online technologies.
All you need to do is to change your IP address, so that it appears as if you were connected to the worldwide network from the other region.
It is really quick and easy, so don’t miss this chance!
The easiest and the most secure way to change your IP address is to utilize the Virtual Private Network (VPN).

The use of VPN Service

It can be installed on any gadget supporting this privacy technology.

VPN runs on Windows, Android, iOS and mac OS.

Many users choose IMO to get free voice and video calls on various gadgets.

Before you start using VPN for IMO, you have to get the data for VPN connection.

After the purchase of VPN service, you receive your password and login, as well as the further indications on how to connect to VPN server.

Here you can search for the basic installation guides for the most demanded mobile devices. Consider that your data can be used to create a new VPN tunnel.

We recommend you reliable VPN Serivce for UAE and Oman

When purchased in Dubai, VPN hides your IP address. Therefore, it can look like go to the Internet from any other country, where there are no online restrictions.
In order to prevent problems with IMO, you should use VPN for IMO and save a lot of money with the reliable VPN.

VPN allows you not just to unblock IMO, but also get an access to any limited site, while remaining anonymous and keeping your privacy.
Surfing Internet without restrictions is very easy!

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