How to Unblock Websites in Indonesia [July 2024 Updated]

How to Unblock Websites in Indonesia

According to “The Jakarta Globe”, Indonesian law enforcement agencies conducting another operation to fight illegal online casinos and bookmaker companies have blocked 360 sites that were suspected in illegal activity. These sites which are registered in the territory of Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines, took bets from gamblers from Indonesia and knew that the gambling business in the country is illegal. In addition, these sites were linked to the 160th bank accounts and they were engaged in the processing of all carried out transactions. Indonesian police check all accounts, with the hope to track maximum precisely some other accounts, which may be associated with illegal business.

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Commenting on the incident, General Victor Simandzhuntak said: “We managed to carry out the blocking of sites with the help of close cooperation with the Ministry of Communications, and without its help, our operation would not give such impressive results. At the moment, we’re looking for the owners of these bank accounts, and if they will not appear and take responsibility for the money, then after the ruling of Supreme Court of Indonesia all their money will be confiscated in favor of the state.”
All the problems with gambling in Indonesia are connected to the fact that in this country, which is a Muslim country, gambling is completely banned according to the law. The situation shows that the citizens of Indonesia, in principle, can have access to illegal gambling establishments if they want, while the country’s budget annually loses tens of millions of dollars, which certainly would be useful. The Indonesian authorities understand it very well, especially looking at the neighboring Singapore, where the gaming industry is developing very quickly. That is why in the government there are people who speak in favor of the legalization of gambling. So there is a possibility that in the near future in Indonesia some offline and online casinos may be opened first for foreign tourists, and later for its own citizens.
Microblogging service Tumblr has recently been blocked in Indonesia for distribution of pornography -it is another attempt of the government to relieve the inhabitants of the country of content which is inappropriate.
However, later the government eased the measures and asked Tumblr to censor its own content and to block access to pornography on its website. It is reported that the service, which is owned by Yahoo, became again available in Indonesia.
Earlier, the Indonesian government issued a decree on the removal of all gay, bisexual and transgender emojis from various kinds of messengers and social networks, citing the probability of the presence of inappropriate content on applications as unrest in the country in which many people – are Muslims. Earlier in Indonesia, such services as Netflix, Vimeo, and Reddit were blocked – all of these were also associated with violent or pornographic content.
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