How to unblock Viber in UAE 2023?

How to Unblock Viber UAE

Viber – is a useful service that allows you to make calls and send texts, photos, and video messages to other users of Viber for free. This is an inexpensive and convenient way to communicate with friends and family abroad. You don’t need to use minutes on the plan of your mobile phone. You can make calls and send texts via Wi-Fi or mobile data both from the mobile device and your computer using a desktop application. Viber requires mobile data connection or Wi-Fi, and if you are not connected to a Wi-Fi network, it will use your mobile data for making calls or sending texts.
On the shores of the Persian Gulf, there is such a small but well-known state as the United Arab Emirates. Millions of people every year come to the UAE as tourists or for business purposes. We have a great solution on how to unblock Viber and other similar services in UAE.

All travelers are astonished by beauty and strangeness of the Emirate of Dubai: fantastic hotels and shopping centers, modern hotels and beautiful beaches.

VPN to Unblock Viber

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But also there is a big disappointment for all the travelers – the strictest Internet censorship in the UAE. Representatives of companies which operate in the telecommunications sector in the United Arab Emirates announced about the blocking of Viber application, which helps users to communicate with each other via the Internet.

For some time the local press and online portals discuss the news about the ban of Viber application for smartphones that worked seamlessly for several years.  Also, you need to know that there is a simple way to unblock Viber today.

The main department in the UAE communications published a post in the local press, that there was no reason to block Viber. However,  in the territory of UAE, such companies as «Etisalat» and «du» have exclusive right to provide services of telecommunications.

When you are in the United Arab Emirates you have an Arabic IP address and the Internet provider filters all inquiries. So in the United Arab Emirates, you can’t get access to a huge number of blocked sites.
You need to conceal your IP address in order to avoid all the filters. Many people try to use a proxy for this, but it doesn’t work in the UAE.
Therefore it is necessary not only to hide your IP address but also to disguise the fact of IP changes.

What is VPN for Viber

VPN – is the perfect solution for these purposes. (VPN – virtual private network)
This service changes your IP, encrypts all your traffic, and protects all your data.
VPN makes you totally free in the net and invulnerable to any filters in the UAE.

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VPN for UAE works on all devices supporting this technology on Windows and Mac OS computers, tablets with Android and iOS operating system, on iPhone, iPad and other devices.
Sometimes the standard PPTP protocol can be blocked, in such cases it is necessary to use OpenVPN – it will always work. You can configure VPN just in several minutes. It is simple and easy.

3 simple steps how to unblock Viber and other sites in UAE

1. Get data of VPN account (buy VPN, or use test)
2. Configure VPN connection on your device
3. Enjoy free Internet in the United Arab Emirates without filters and restrictions.
With VPN Service you can get access to any sites, to use Skype, Oovoo, Viber, Nimbuzz, VoIP, and more. And you can be sure that your data is protected and nobody can intercept it in public Wi-Fi networks.