How to Watch Hotstar in Yemen

Interested to know how to watch Hotstar in Yemen as you are planning to travel or maybe living there?

For this, you will need a Smart DNS that allows you to unblock Hotstar in Yemen or anywhere globally.
Hotstar is available in 4 countries only!

Like other Indian streaming services, this platform doesn’t work in Yemen because of content geo-restrictions.
Therefore, If you try to access Hotstar in Yemen, you will receive the following error:

So what should millions of people in Yemen do who want to watch famous Indian TV shows and movies?
Here comes the use of a Smart DNS service.
Smart DNS reroute a small amount of your Internet traffic through the specific Indian server.
Because Smart DNS does not route all your traffic (instead of VPN), there is little to no impact on your connection speed.

This way you can watch Hotstar in Yemen and anywhere in the world, in fact, you can watch other geo-restricted Indian services like Mxplayer and Voot using Smart DNS.

With a Smart DNS service like Aeroshield Smart DNS, you can easily get rid of geo-restrictions and watch your favorite content no matter where you are, except for the moon!

How to Watch Hotstar in Yemen?

Here are the 4 steps to access Hotstar India in Yemen:

1. Get a Free trial of Aeroshield Smart DNS
2. Get your data to use Smart DNS
3. Authorize your local IP and set up Smart DNS IP on your device
4. Now visit Hotstar and enjoy all the content that is available in India in Yemen.

Benefits Of Using Smart DNS to watch Hotstar outside India

– Free trial to test.
– It’s easy to setup.
– It does not impact on your Internet speed
– It works with any devices – Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Smart TV, routers, Fire stick and others.

Even while abroad there are tons of Indian streaming services that you can access in Yemen with Smart DNS. Some of them are listed below:



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