VPN for Stake – How to Play Stake in US [July 2024 Update]

Stake is a popular cryptocurrency casino with players from all over the world coming to gamble and enjoy their site.
Unfortunately, Stake is restricted in some countries including the United States.

Here is a list of all the countries where Stake is blocked:
United States, Syria, Iran, North Korea, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Australia, Portugal, Serbia and Slovakia

However, residents of the US and other restricted countries can still enjoy it by using a VPN to play Stake in the US, UK or Australia…etc.
When interacting with Stake VPN software will hide your real IP address, encrypt your traffic and it will look as if you are in a different country than the one where you are actually located.

VPNs work by routing your laptop, Mac or mobile device’s network traffic through an encrypted tunnel to one of their servers located in a different country.
This makes it appear as if you are in the country where the VPN server is located.

Where to get VPN for Stake?

There are a lot of VPN providers and you will have no difficulty finding one that will allow you to play at Stake from one of the restricted counties on their list.
However, not all VPNs work equally well.

It is important to select a VPN that provides good security and that offers a large network of servers in multiple countries, the more servers and countries the better.

VPN for Stake

The first step to play Stake in the United States is to select a good VPN service.
Some of the factors to consider when choosing a VPN include:

  • Security: Your VPN should offer strong encryption and the latest protocols to protect your data and hide your location.
  • Large Server Network: The VPN you choose should have a large number of servers in multiple countries. At least some of the servers should be located in countries not on Stake’s prohibited list.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth: Some games consume a large amount of data so unlimited bandwidth or a very high bandwidth limit is essential
  • Fast Speed: A lag in speed is not only annoying but can also affect the outcome of games like Stake Crash.

Here are the top 4 Best VPNs for Stake:

NordVPN — The best VPN for Stake. It has fast servers in betting-friendly countries, excellent security features, and great apps.
ExpressVPN — The most secure VPN for Stake. It has state-of-the-art security features, a proven no-logs policy, and it’s cheap.
Relaska – fast European servers for Stake
Surfshark — An excellent VPN for Stake. Enviable speeds, low-cost plans, and plenty of security features to match.

5 Easy Steps to Play Stake in the US

  1. Setup a VPN (NordVPN is recommended)
  2. Connect to a VPN server in Germany, Canada, Luxembourg, Brazil or Mexico
  3. Sign up to Stake by this link to get a bonus for new players. (Just make sure not to provide any personal data that will reveal your location.)
  4. Buy crypto at Coinbase and get 10$ for signup.
  5. Deposit crypto to your Stake account and play the games to win big!

Now you are all set to start playing any of the 1100+ games on the Stake site.
You can also take advantage of Stake promo code free money bonuses.
You can learn more about bonuses and the site by reading Stake Twitter.