How to setup OpenVPN on iOS

1. Install OpenVPN Connect application from AppStore on your iOS device.

2. We send you configuration file *.ovpn (file name can be different depending on the server location.
You can find it in the attachment to the letter that we send you.

Please open it on your iOS device in Mail app and select Open it in OpenVPN. Very important to open config file exactly in Mail app. Otherwise it can't be opened by OpenVPN application.

Setup OpenVPN iOS, step 1
3. Click + in the right bottom corner. The next window should appear

Setup OpenVPN iOS, step 2

4. Enter 'UserID' and 'Password'. 'UserID' is your VPN username. Tick 'Save' and switch 'Connection' to ON.

Setup OpenVPN iOS, step 3

How to Setup OpenVPN on iOS devices