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Canadian VPN Service brings you safe and secure browsing without any local Internet restrictions.

Main Features

Anonymous VPN Service

US, Canadian, EU, Asia IPs

Unlimited Bandwidth

No Speed Limits

Reasonable Price

VPN Helps

Unblock Sites

Hide and Change real IP address

Unblock Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Facetime

Stay Safe in Public Wi-Fi

Protect Personal Data

Surf Anonymously

Server Locations


 Singapore (Asia)

 Canada (Montreal)

Europe (Luxembourg)

Prices as Low as $3.5/Week

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Windows (All Versions)


Mac OS, iOS


Wi-Fi Routers

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and others


Like all VPN services our provider offers the best Canadian VPN accounts plans as an equally high quality and cheap solution for all those users who are eager to get a real Canadian IP address.


Our customers get an access to the quick, secured and unlimited service whenever they need without any obstacles and a necessity to use any additional tools like special VPN software.
Stop browsing other Canadian VPN reviews when VPN Privacy already gives you a simple and cheap solution you will definitely find fitting all your requirements.


Pros of our service


How to unblock websites that require Canadian IP? How to bypass restrictions on Canada-only websites?
These questions ask not those Internet users who live outside Canada but also Canadian residents who travel to other countries due to business or leisure purposes.
If you got used to browse certain websites in Canada but can’t use them outside the country our Canadian IP addresses can become very handy.
For example, Netflix users are mostly Americans and Canadians since this website is legally accessible only for residents of these countries. Another example – if you like to watch CTV channel you may be disappointed to find out Internet users can’t get an access to it outside Canada. These are the cases when you may need a real Canadian IP address as a breath of fresh air.


We give you an opportunity to access your Netflix account or CTV webpage by means of your personal Canadian VPN service. It is also easy to use our service on iPhone, iPad or Android.


Another reason to receive a Canadian IP address besides getting an access to entertainment websites is to obtain a bunch of benefits for fulfilling your business related tasks. Serving as a protecting channel for transferring any files or encrypted data your VPN account will help to keep your personal or business information absolutely private.


Peculiarities of service’s work


The main peculiarity of our specific plan is that we give you an access to a new IP address that will make you a Canadian, at least for the Internet community. All Canadian IP addresses we offer are real and protected because our VPN servers are actually located in Montreal, Quebec. You will be recognized as a Canadian citizen that will let you browse limited Canada-only sites without a fear of being blocked or banned.

Still have doubts or any questions what Canadian VPN provider to choose? We offer not free but affordable and reliable solution for everyone who values his time and wants to have the protected Internet connection, high quality VPN service and bandwidth that will completely fit his needs